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dippr logo DIPPR®/EHS™ is a program I developed for Technical Database Services (TDS) to access a database of evaluated chemical thermodynamic data.  The database was established under the aegis of the Design Institute of Physical Property data (DIPPR), a committee sponsored by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE); the database presently contains data for over 2000 chemicals. DIPPR was first distributed by scientists at the State University of Pennsylvania and now by a group at Brigham Young University. 

Several years ago, TDS contracted with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to obtain health and safety data for all of the chemicals in the database.  Both databases are updated annually to reflect the addition of new compounds.  (My front-end program to access the databases has undergone many changes since 1986, reflecting improvements in programming of graphics user interfaces.) 

DIPPR®/EHS™ implements a variety of facilities for searches (by name, by chemical formula, by chemical class, or for a particular property value), for comparing property values, for plotting of temperature-dependent properties, and for health and safety data.  A special program, DprPlus, is available as a companion to DIPPR®/EHS™.  DprPlus provides facilities for adding user data to the Dippr database.  All of the search and display facilities intrinsic to DIPPR®/EHS™ are available for handling added user data.  Although integrated with the Dippr database for search and display, user data are kept in separate files and flagged to maintain the integrity of the certified Dippr data.

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For more information about DIPPR®/EHS™, visit the TDS website, where a fully interactive Demo can be downloaded.


DIPPR®/EHS™ and DprPlus may be purchased at Technical Database Services.

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