Color Sudoku

Beginning screenCompleted in ColorThis program is a Sudoku game generator and solver.  It offers games selectable with regard to difficulty; the harder games have fewer “givens.”  It also allows facile copying of published games.  As a help in solving a puzzle, the program has an option that displays all possible candidates in each of the unsolved cells of the puzzle.  

A novel feature of my ColorSudoku program is the option to create or solve a puzzle in terms of color rather than numbers.  A set of nine colors is available, and the rules of the game require that each row and column and each of the nine 3x3 sub-patterns contain all nine colors without repetition of any color in any row, column, or sub-pattern.  An image of ColorSudoku in Number Mode is below.

The Game Generator in ColorSudoku produces games with only one solution—the ‘purest’ games.  Occasionally published games have more than one solution (I have encountered cases having two or four solutions). 

The Solver portion of ColorSudoku is capable of finding all possible solutions for a game input by the user.  If that game has more than one solution, the solver in ColorSudoku will report the number of solutions and provide a scrolling capability to view them.

A free download of ColorSudoku is available here.  Click button to begin download.

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ColorSudoku in Number Mode

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